OMG 2 Review: A Balanced Dose of Social Message and Comedy

OMG 2 Review: A Balanced Dose of Social Message and Comedy

In “OMG 2, director Amit Rai has crafted captivating film, starring Pankaj Tripathi and Akshay Kumar, that blends social commentary and humor in perfect harmony.OMG 2 Review: A Balanced Dose of Social Message and Comedy.

In a country so passionate about sex and pornography, why is sexual education still a taboo topic in schools? Despite India being considered the land of Kamasutra, why do Indian parents and educators shy away from openly discussing sex with children? If life sciences are part of the school curriculum, why is the chapter on reproduction often neglected, rarely taught properly? These points are presented in OMG 2 with a lot of comedy, which keeps the movie light-hearted and steers clear of the preachy territory, making it quite interesting.OMG 2 Review: A Balanced Dose of Social Message and Comedy.OMG 2 Review: A Balanced Dose of Social Message and Comedy

Director and writer Amit Rai fearlessly tackles the subject of sexual education without making it unnecessary or vulgar.

The protagonist of the tale is Kantilal Mudgal (Pankaj Tripathi), who owns a store close to a temple and is a devoted follower of Lord Mahakal (Lord Shiva), as well as a loving spouse, a parent raising two children, and an all-around good person. His life takes a drastic turn when his son, Vivek (Arush Varma), is hospitalized due to extreme masturbation referred to as ‘selfie’ in an offensive manner, leading his expulsion from school due to explicit behavior. A video of him performing the act in the school restroom goes viral on the internet.

To save his family from being ostracized, Kantilal decides to flee with his family, prompting God’s messenger (Akshay Kumar) to guide him onto a spiritual path fight for his son. It becomes evident that his son has been misinformed and misled. Kantilal takes matters into his own hands, confronting school officials, priests, sex therapists, a doctor, and a chemist in court, who collectively enlighten Vivek about his sexual desires.

As a fearsome prosecutor, Yami Gautam gives a strong performance, standing her ground in court scenes. As God’s messenger, Akshay Kumar is brilliant, exuding charm, divine aura, and humor, making the character shine even after changes post-CBFC’s revisions.

Beyond its premise, “OMG 2” is a remarkable example of Amit Rai’s daring yet compassionate writing, which increases the impact of the socially important subject. He doesn’t hold back when utilizing simple words.. For instance, in scene discussing sexual education in schools, he directly addresses male and female reproductive organs as “ling” and “stri ki yoni,” which might initially feel uneasy to hear.
The movie not only amuses viewers, but also tries sincere to close the gap between Indian parents and kids when it comes to talking about physical intimacy. It successfully communicates a progressive stance through its characters and makes a lasting impression with words that get people thinking.OMG 2 Review: A Balanced Dose of Social Message and Comedy
Apart from its script, “OMG 2” belongs to Pankaj Tripathi, who carries the film effortlessly on his shoulders His on-screen persona is delightful to see, and every phrase and facial expression he makes is exquisitely nuanced.
While Akshay Kumar’s extended cameos lend weight, Pankaj Tripathi remains the heart of the film.OMG 2 Review: A Balanced Dose of Social Message and Comedy.