India’s Prime Minister Modi Honored as Special Guest at France’s Bastille Day Parade

An honorary guest at this year’s Bastille Day festivities in Paris was Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.                                                                                                                                                                                                             Modi and French President Emmanuel Macron will both be in attendance when Indian and French soldiers march down the Champs-Élysées bastille day france .
India’s purchase of French-built Rafale fighter jets a few years ago will also take part in the flying of the Arc de Triomphe celebrating bastille. day in paris.
During the annual event organized on the occasion of France’s national holiday, Modi was honored as a guest for India’s purchase of 26 Rafale jets and three Scorpene-class submarines recently approved by France storming of the bastille.

At a dinner held for Modi on Thursday at the Élysée Palace, Macron said that India is both a strategic partner and a friend” and is “a vast nation that will play an absolutely crucial and indispensable role in shaping our future.”                                                                                                    ♦ what happened on july 14 bastille day

On the other hand, the European Parliament on Thursday adopted a resolution urging integration of human rights in all areas of EU-India partnership, including trade. According to the proposal, member nations should “systeam and publicly address human rights concerns at the highest level.

Furthermore, several figures in a commentary on Monday urged Macron not to forget Modi’s dismal human rights record and to “encourage Prime Minister Modi to end the persecution of civil society, guarantee the freedom of the major media outlets, and protect religious freedom.”

France observed its national holiday on Friday with the rumble of warplanes and a grand Bastille Day parade in Paris, deploying over 100,000 police officers across the country to prevent any new outbreaks of unrest in deprived areas.

This year, the commemoratins marked the beginning of the French Revolution on July 14, 1789, which was marred by some of the country most serious riots in nearly two decades, triggered by a fatal police shooting of a teenager of North African origin that expos deep-seat inequality and racial discrimination.

Combat jets and military helicopters flew directly over the spot where 17-year-old Neheil Merizak was killed last month in the Paris suburb of Nanteuil, as they headed towards the Arc de Triomphe and watched the VIP parade.

The atmosphere was eerily tranquil as community members congregated at Nantes’ Nelson Mandela Square, eagerly anticipating the flyby, which promised to be a truly distinctive and unparalleled experience.”

Nearly 240 Indian soldiers led the march in the Champs-Élysées, accompanied by French-made Indian warplanes participating in the aerial display.

France often showcases its international partners during the Bastille Day parade and selects India when it wants to strengthen cooperation to counter climate change, military sales, and China’s growing influence in the Indo-Pacific region. However, concerns raised by European lawmakers, human rights groups, and others were absent from the broad human rights agenda.

The conflict in Ukraine, the focal point of last year’s Bastille Day celebrations, also ecoch in this year’s events. The displayed vehicles included Caesar anti-missile batteries provided by France to Ukraine, and Ukrainian officials were invited to join Macron in VIP seats.
On the eve of France’s national day, Macron award the Legion of Honor to Arnaud Solignac, a French journalist killed earlier this year in Ukraine.

During the Bastille Day parade rehearsal this week, combat jets flew over Merizak’s residence in the suburb of Nanteuil. On Friday, they proceeded past Nanteuil towards the Arc de Triomphe and gathered at the political and military Abjat Class Place de la Concorde, which was designed to celebrate national unity.

Since unrest escalates around Bastille Day every year, and France remains at risk, the government deployed an extraordinary 130,000 police officers on Thursday and Friday. Prohibitions on fireworks were implemented in several cities and towns, including Nanteuil, due to their use as weapons in recent riots targeting the police.

During Thursday to Friday night, the Ministry of Interior reported the arrest of 97 people in urban violence and set fire to 218 cars nationwide. This was slightly lower compared to last year.

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